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What is Diverticular Disease Surgery?

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What is diverticular disease surgery?     Diverticular disease surgery is surgery. With this, the parts that are damaged or infected due to diverticular disease are removed.     Diverticular disease surgery occurs when very small sacs are formed in the intestinal wall. It is very common to have problems in old age. Symptoms are seen in 5 out of 100 people at the age of 40, while in 60 people out of 100 at the age of 80 years.     The lack of fiber causes the intestinal wall to weaken, as well as the pressure on the intestinal wall, causing inflammation and pouch formation inside it. Due to which diverticular disease occurs.   The diverticular disease usually causes pain in the left side of the abdomen. It can also cause intestinal shrinkage, causing an abscess, fistula, and severe bleeding risks between the stomach and other organs.      Liver Disease Treatment in India     When is diverticular disease surgery needed?     If you have diverticulosis, you may not need this surgery in general. You can overcome this problem by making some changes in your lifestyle.   If you have diverticulitis, your doctor may direct you to a good colorectal surgeon (doctors who are experts in such bowel conditions) for treatment. If you have more than one symptom of diverticulitis, then you may need diverticular disease surgery. Also, if you are having problems like peritonitis, abscess, fistula, or blockage in your bowels, then in such situations you may also need to undergo surgery.     Liver Transplant cost in India     The risk   What can be the side effects of diverticular disease surgery?   Like other surgeries, diverticular disease surgery may also have some risks. Talk to your health practitioner about what risks you may have due to this surgery.   Anesthesia is used during all surgeries, which may cause some problems, such as excessive bleeding or clotting of blood.   Common problems include:   Pain Bleeding To mark Hernia Blood clotting Surgical site infection Chest infection     Some serious problems can also occur due to this surgery:   Joint hole Non-intestinal functioning Damage to other abdominal organs Failure of sutures between gut sections.   Most people can correct the problem of diverticulitis at home. Surgery is not required for this. If due to this the health condition gets worse. You may have to be hospitalized in the following situations:     Its symptoms do not cure in 48 hours after home remedies.   The immune system is weak Pain does not subside even after the dose of painkiller You cannot take antibiotics. So before getting this surgery to talk to your doctor about the benefits and potential risks. If you have any questions related to this, please get more information about it from your doctor or surgeon.     Best Lung Transplant Surgeon in India     process     How should I prepare myself for diverticular disease surgery?     If you use medicines or any herbals from the counter, inform your doctor about it. Your doctor will check the health conditions of your body before surgery. They will investigate how anesthesia supplements can have an effect on your health. A few hours before surgery, your doctor may refuse your food and drink.         What is the procedure done in diverticular disease surgery?     The procedure of this surgery is usually completed in 2 hours.   During diverticular disease surgery, surgeons can cut the sac located in the colon using either of these two methods, open surgery or laparoscopic surgery. The risks and side effects of both types of surgery are the same. However, laparoscopic surgery takes less time to recover the patient.   In some cases, it may take some time to recover the intestinal wall after surgery. During this time surgeons can create an artificial rectum in your body which may be temporary. After the surgery, when the intestine is fully recuperated, doctors remove the artificial rectum.   If you have any questions related to this, please consult your doctor regarding this.      Heart treatment hospital in India     recovery   What happens after diverticular disease surgery?   Your bowels stop functioning for a few days after surgery, which is very common. If you have a permanent or temporary rectum, your doctor will give you the appropriate information about how to maintain it. You will be able to go back home 5 to 10 days after the surgery. However, it may take at least 3 months for you to be completely healthy. Your stool may become more fluid after surgery, which is a common condition. You should consult your surgeon for more information.     Contact Us: Email: connect@gomedii.comContact Us: +91 9654030724Whatsapp Contact: +91 9654030724Telegram Contact: +91 9654030724Fb Messenger Contact: +91 9654030724C-96, Sector 65, Noida, U.P, India

What is Diverticular Disease Surgery?

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