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Cheek Fillers Can Add Volume To Cheekbones In No Time

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Do you want your cheekbones to be raised a little bit?The low and barely visible cheekbones can deter your confidence. May be, you won’t be able to flaunt your beauty as much as you like.A revolutionary discovery called "cheek fillers” can help you. This non-invasive magic of cosmetic science ensures raising the volume of the area above and around the cheekbones. Rather than looking bogus, it provides the illusion of a more chiseled bone structure. Just a little bit of its dose can fill up your skin layer with moisture that can smooth out wrinkles and fine lines.What Are The Types of These Fillers?Out of many products, the most effective is hyaluronic acid and polylactic acid. These two dermal fillers are typically used to lift up the cheeks and under eye area. As per Dr. Sanjay Mohindra, the cosmetic practitioner with 30 years of experience in aesthetic science, says that cheek fillers in Gold Coast are widely used and most of the dermatologists recommend hyaluronic acid and polylactic acid because of their extraordinary results. But unfortunately, their effects fade away over time, which varies person to person. However, there are some more off-label fillers available in the market. But, those injectables are not as effective as the aforementioned ones are.How long do these dermal fillers last?The longevity of fillers depends on the type that you choose. However, most of these last for anywhere from six months to two years. After that, you can no longer see a noticeable difference. If you consider dermal fillers, they eventually dissolve and metabolise into the skin tissues.Who is an ideal candidate for cheek fillers?Interestingly, that can be anyone who is a healthy non-smoker. Those who do not have a chronic health conditions, can also prefer this face-lift treatment.But if you are any of these conditions as per FDA, don’t ever think about them:Suffering from bleeding disordersHave allergy from the synthetic compounds used in dermal fillersPregnant or breastfeeding womenWhat is its procedure?It is always good to consult at first with a professional cosmetic doctor. Discuss your beauty goals and then, take your time to undergo this procedure while keeping price and its effects into account.Before procedureQuit blood-thinning medications, like aspirin at least two week before this procedure. However, if you are on a medication, inform this to your doctor during consultation meeting. He would guide you about the options or alternatives you should try.ProcedureThis will take no more than 30 minutes to 60 minutes. The doctor will sterilize that area just a half an hour ago using a topical anesthetic. It would numb that region so that you won’t feel a little bit of pricking sensation. Then, he injects using a very fine needle that hardly causes any sensation.Once it’s over, you immediately see a dramatic difference. The filler will settle down into its proper position in your face in one or two days.The best thing is that you can right away get back to normal routine after this procedure. It’s downtime is just a day.Benefits of Cheek FillersIt’s a non-invasive treatment that is minimally painful.The recovery is faster than any other aesthetic treatment.You can right away return to your normal routine after it.Its effect lasts for months to years, causing no harm to your health.There are hardly any risks associated with it, except for those who are prone to allergies.These are less expensive than other invasive surgeries.How much does it cost?As aforementioned, there are different types of dermal cheek fillers to choose from. So is their cost. On an average, the hyaluronic acid-based filler can cost around $500 to $1000. Polylactic acid-based filler is more expensive. Its cost generally starts from $1000.However, you should talk to your doctor about them clearly before.

Cheek Fillers Can Add Volume To Cheekbones In No Time

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