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Tips for Finding a Dark Tanning Bed Lotion

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The perfect tan. It’s something that we all want, but it’s harder for some to get that perfect look. For many of us, simply tanning in the sun won’t get us that perfect color, and that is where dark tanning bed lotion can help.This special kind of tanning lotion is specially designed to give you a darker and more beautiful tan when using tanning beds. Packed with tanners and moisturizers, this lotion can quickly darken your skin to that perfect tone. But how do you find the right dark tanning bed lotion for your skin? Here are a few tips for picking the perfect one.Consider Skin ToneOur skin tone is a major factor when it comes to tanning. So much so that it has its own scale: the Fitzpatrick Scale. This scale actually details the types of skin and skin tones we have and how they interact with tanning. And while the science is quite complicated, the takeaway is simple: you need to think about your current skin tone before you tan. If you are lighter, then consider a dark tanning bed lotion that will help you darken safely. If you are already darker, then consider a lotion that can help deepen that color while keeping your skin healthy and moisturized.Think About Your Skin’s AttributesSome of us have been blessed with strong, elastic skin that can withstand powerful UV light and still stay fairly strong and smooth. Many of us have not. When you are looking for that perfect dark tanning bed lotion, it is as important to consider what type of skin you have along with the color you want to get. If your skin tends to be dry, for example, then you will want a tanning bed lotion that is packed with extra moisturizers. If your skin is quite pale and tends to burn easily, then you may want a lotion with built-in tanners to help protect your skin as you get that perfect tan.Think About Your Skincare RoutineWhile tanning lotion is an important part of getting the perfect tan, so is the rest of your skincare routine. Think about what you are using on the tanning bed and at home. For example, make sure to use restorative products when using tanning beds frequently, and avoid products that will create too much of a barrier between your skin and your tanning bed. When you think about your entire routine, you can make sure that everything you do is helping your skin stay healthy and look great.If you are considering tanning beds, or have yet to find that perfect tan tone that you want, then it may be time to pick up a dark tanning bed lotion. These lotions are specially designed to help people of any skin tone and type get the dark tan they desire. When picking out your next tanning lotion, be sure to think about your skin tone and type, along with any other products you use in your skincare routine. That way, you can find the right lotion to help your skin stay healthy and look great.

Tips for Finding a Dark Tanning Bed Lotion

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