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Learn About Skull Base Surgery

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A cluster of operations done by a neurosurgeon or brain surgeon to get rid of the brain or nerve tumors which takes place at the bottom of the brain is termed as ‘Skull Base Surgery’.Your brain is positioned in a bony chamber known as the ‘skull’ or the ‘cranium’. It shields the brain from damages. On the uppermost part of the skull are big and smooth bones which endow with a circular appearance to the head. At the bottom of the skull are bones which isolate the skull from organs in the face. There are 3 big depressions in the skull at its bottom. These depressions or fossae behave as seats for the brain. The anterior, middle, and posterior cranial fossae are the three fossae in the skull.For the spinal cord and cranial nerves from the brain to come down, there are numerous openings in these fossae. Likewise, there are big canals for the arteries and veins which stream and drain blood from the brain to traverse.Skull base tumors take place at the bottom of the brain as it encounters the skull base. In a minimally invasive skull base surgery, you will observe that a neurosurgeon is utilizing the natural openings in the cracks of the skull base such as the nasal, orbital as well as oral cavities. Some skull base surgeriesutilize a non-natural opening in the skull bone via a craniotomy.Skull base surgery aid to get rid of cancerous and non-cancerous tumors at the bottom of the brain. It further ads in treating bony tumors at the skull base in addition to the top vertebrae.Skull Base Surgery – When To Do?Skull base surgery can aid neurosurgeon in managing the following concerns in a patient:Cysts in the bottom of the brain such as arachnoid cysts, dermoid cysts, to name a few.Serious infections such as osteomyelitis of the skull base.A tumor of the vestibulocochlear nerve which supplies the ear, called as the acoustic neuroma.Tumors of and near the pituitary gland such as pituitary adenomas and craniopharyngiomas.Benign tumors of the meninges such as meningiomas.Skull base chordomas that are actually malignant cancers.In addition to this, skull base surgery could also rectify concerns with the nerves and blood vessels. These comprise of: Trigeminal neuralgia- It is an aching condition which has its impact on the trigeminal nerve that transmits sensations from the face to the brain.Hemifacial spasm- A state where there is irregular jerking of the muscles on one side of the face. It happens owing to heaviness on the facial nerve because of a tumor or aneurysm.Cerebral aneurysms in the bottom of the brain- These are expansion in the cerebral arteries in certain areas.Damages to the head and face could also affect the bones in the bottom of the skull. Fractures of the bottom of the skull would also require surgery for rectification.Craniosynostosis, a natal defect which leads to an atypical skull shape, also requires a skull base surgery. In this state, the sutures or fibrous joints which join the skull bones shut early. It leads to a lot of pressure in the brain as it progresses.If you have concerns in the bottom of the brain or the skull, you should approach a best neurosurgeon in Mumbai and get accurate diagnosis.

Learn About Skull Base Surgery

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